Number of children enrolled in the 2021 - 2022 programme: 32 Kendu Bay is a city in western Kenya near the border with Uganda. It lies on the eastern shore of Lake Victoria, which was once a major source of local food and employment. Due to the consequences of climate change, the level of the lake began to decline, as did fishing, and the ferry connection with Uganda was cut off. Today, the city is best known as the birthplace of the father of former US President Barack Obama. In Kenya, we work with the local partner organization Kendu Bay Rural Integrated Development Project, led by Richard Ochieng Odiere. Compared to Burkina Faso and Ghana, tuition fees are very high, which is a major barrier to the schooling of children so support is especially valuable there. It is difficult to invest in even larger community projects because of high tuition fees. Nevertheless, in recent years, we have managed to carry out a few small projects under the programme, such as providing bicycles for many children in the community.
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