We invite you to support the Humanitas sponsorship programme, and in this way contribute to positive changes in society. You can support our programme in Burkina Faso, Ghana or Kenya with a monthly contribution of 25 Euros (or 300 Euros per year) and help to cover the costs of tuition fees for children from socially disadvantaged families, provide them with school supplies and other items they need based on our local coordinators’ assessment. Part of the amount you donate is also allocated to the operation of our libraries and the implementation of other projects that aim to empower the entire local community.

The monthly contribution to the sponsorship programme for Slovenian children is 34 Euros (408 Euros per year). We decide, together with the children’s families, which costs will be covered (such as school supplies, payment for holidays, school excursions, courses, trainings, etc.). The type of support depends on the needs of the individual child but is always connected with their education, regardless of whether it is formal or informal.

If you do not want to pay monthly donations, you can opt for a one-time donation. Just about every contribution, no matter the amount, contributes to positive changes. With a one-time donation, you will support the implementation of community projects led by our local partners. See below for the current one-time donation options.

Send a text* with the key word PODPORA or PODPORA5 to 1919 and you will donate 1 EUR or 5 EUR to our programme for supporting children and communities from three African countries and Slovenia. The main focus of this programme is to educate children, because we believe that education is the key to a better future. You can find more information about the support programme below. More information about terms and conditions regarding operators A1 Slovenia, T2 and Telemach can be found through the links at the bottom of this page.


*All users of mobile services with A1 Slovenija d.d., T-2 d.o.o. and Telemach d.o.o. can make a donation. The use of a text-message service for donations to support children and local communities were made possible for Humanitas by the companies A1 Slovenija d.d., T-2 d.o.o. and Telemach d.o.o, for which we sincerely thank them. All aforementioned operators are denying all revenue accruing from this type of text message. A1 Slovenija, T-2, Telemach and Humanitas organisation all agree to carefully protect user data and promise to use them exclusively for the implementing of text message donation services. All user personal data will be protected according to The Personal Data Protection Act. Detailed conditions and instructions for participating in this text message donation service are published on the links below:

  • A1 Slovenija: Navodila in pogoji in navodila storitve SMS A1 so dostopni HERE.
  • T-2: Navodila in pogoji uporabe storitve T2 so dostopni HERE.
  • Telemach: Navodila in pogoji uporabe storitve Telemach so dostopni HERE.
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