Since 2015, we annually organize a National Global Education Conference, which is intended for teachers first and foremost, but also for different representors of competent ministries, governmental and non-governmental organisations and others, who work in the field of formal and informal education.

The National Global Education Conference represents an amazing opportunity, where the global learning approach is presented to a wider range of educational workers. We invite professional guests from Slovenia or abroad, who share an understanding with us regarding our experience of global education and allow all participants who already work in this field to exchange ideas on implementing themes and methods of global learning into educational programmes. The conference is therefore a place of exchange, gatherings and learning, which enriches the field of global education in Slovenia every year.

Nacionalna konferenca 2021

Nacionalna konferenca 2019

Moč žensk: naslavljanje enakosti spolov skozi globalno učenje

Nacionalna konferenca 2018

Razsežnosti globalnega učenja in delovanja

Nacionalna konferenca 2017

Od globalnih izzivov do globalnih državljanov: kako naslavljati občutljive teme in ustvarjati prostore sobivanja?

Nacionalna konferenca 2016

Z globalnim učenjem do globalnih ciljev

Nacionalna konferenca 2015

Evropsko leto za razvoj 2015: globalno učenje in pomembnost vključitve globalnih perspektiv v šolski sistem

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